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Health care does not just mean proper medication, physical therapy, competent doctors, reliable medical insurance, and quality care-giving at home. More often than not, it also has to involve comfortable hospital beds. Many patients have to endure lumpy, uncomfortable, fake leather-upholstered mattresses on rusty hospital beds and end up with bed sores, or generally feeling worse during a time when they should be getting better.
Even worse, patients who are being treated at home often do not have proper medical beds, as well. They either have to try to get well in fold out sofa beds, or else endure improper cushioning foam or box-spring mattresses provide (they are fine as cushions to sleep on for several hours a night, but not for twenty-four hours or more, straight).
This is why proper, high quality medical beds for home are a must. They need special features not typically found on normal beds. Moreover, since they are meant to accommodate stay-at-home patients, they also have to have similar innovations as real hospital beds so the patient will not lack in the right kind of medical attention and requirements.
Investing in a medical bed that has wheels that lock in place is a good idea. It allows the patient to be transported comfortably from one place to another, and minimizes the need for a gurney or a wheelchair. Once the patient is placed in the designated recovery room, the wheels should lock in place so the entire bed is stable.
Also, go for medical beds for home whose head and foot can be adjusted with just the touch of a button. Cranks are things of the past, and they can prove to be jerky when adjusting the height of any of the bed’s halves. This can be very uncomfortable to the patient. Push button technology in today’s hospital beds make for quiet and smooth motions to help a patient sit up to read, change clothes, raise their feet, get their backs scratched or massaged, eat a meal, watch television, and just be comfortable.
It goes without saying that a proper medical bed must have side railings. You can never predict if a patient might fall and rip out IV tubes and wires attached to their bodies. This has been known to happen even to the best-behaved and quiet of patients, so side rails are good investments. Select a bed that has side rails which slide up and lock into place, and can slide down to help a patient get up and leave the bed when beddings need to be changed. Side rails also make good hand grips for a convalescent person to hoist himself or herself up on the bed.
For hygienic purposes, a hospital bed must have a washable cushion that can be air dried. Patients have special hygienic needs; everything should be as sterile as possible so no bacteria or germs can weaken their already feeble system. Bed bugs and other creatures can reside in unclean mattresses, so it is best to go for something that is easy enough to vacuum or wash. Breathable cotton is best as mattress coverings because they cool a patient’s back and prevent bed sores and allergies from happening.