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Most hospital beds cost a pretty penny, which is why the cost of health care increases significantly when their expense is covered. However, getting quality hospital beds, either for home or clinical use, is a must. The FDA has actually set strict guidelines on what they have to feature, given accidents that have happened because of substandard hospital beds. So if you are in the market for a hospital bed whether it is for home use or otherwise, it is best to look up FDA guidelines on them for utmost safety and ease of use.

Many medical beds for sale are either used or refurbished. While it is well and good to try and save some cash by buying second-hand, you have to really inspect the item for sale minutely. Defects that could spell out accidents or discomfort for your patient should be detected right away before a transaction is made.  

Today’s hospital beds have different designs. Depending on your patient’s condition, it would be best to study the various features and innovations each one offers so you can get the most comfortable one that suits your budget as well as the patient’s requirements. For instance, patients who have suffered spinal trauma or have severe back problems need special medical beds that can accommodate their injuries. Ordinary hospital beds can only do more damage to their spine, so it is best to take this into consideration before making a purchase.

As mentioned, the FDA has set rules on side rails for a hospital bed. They must be raised to protect the patient from falling, and lowered for when the patient needs to be moved to another bed or gurney, or when the beddings need to be changed. Side rails are also handy as hand holds for when a patient needs to hoist himself or herself up or down the bed as needed. Look for hospital beds with steady rails that lock in easily and don’t wobble. Hand-grips must be smooth with no sharp edges that can injure.

It is also good to be on the lookout for medical beds that are mechanized and have push button functions rather than old fashioned levers and cranks. Not only do these move and function more smoothly, but they are also easier to operate and a lot more quiet. The crank that moves old fashioned hospital beds to raise either the head or the foot of the bad is not just noisy; the jerky movement can also give a patient a headache or make him or her uncomfortable. Cranks are also prone to getting stuck or breaking, rendering a hospital bed useless for weeks or even months until it is replaced or repaired.

Adjustable height is also a requirement especially when the patient is a small child. Not a lot of manufacturers of hospital beds have child-sized offerings, so your best alternative would be to get a medical bed whose height is easy enough to control for a child to get on or off as the circumstances require.